Horse Backpacks

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    10 products

    The horse backpack, popular with some students from the end of primary school onwards, is a must-have in the classroom. Our selection of one and two compartment backpacks is sure to meet every need.

    We've all had one that we've carried around with us to school and on trips and that we've loved. Today's teenagers still love it : the horse backpack is the favourite school bag of all. In the school yard, it is almost omnipresent, sometimes stealing the limelight from other bags.

    Whether it's a single compartment or a double compartment, the school horse backpack is very practical with its multiple pockets specially designed for the needs of today's students. With a headphone exit, a smartphone compartment and a front pocket for keys, the horse backpack takes over from the schoolbag with panache.

    A horse backpack for every level

    The two-compartment horse backpack is popular with some pupils from the end of primary school. Its cool and less childish style than the horse backpack makes them fall in love with the idea of looking big. A real ally at the beginning of secondary school, it can also be found in the corridors and on the backs of young people in 6th and 5th grade. This school backpack has the advantage of being ultra-looseable and practical while giving a teenage and relaxed style.

    Then, in the middle and high school years, the simple horse backpack makes its entrance. Smaller, less compartmentalized and above all more adapted to the needs of older men and women, it is perfect for carrying lessons and a smartphone. It can even be used for extracurricular activities such as sports or as a hiking backpack. They come in all shapes and colours, from urban backpacks to black, colourful, girly or canvas backpacks.

    Horse backpack for girls or boy backpack, a wide choice

    For teenagers, the horse backpack represents something emotional and translates their style which becomes more and more assertive with time.

    Your child is now in primary school and new learning and adventures await. For this, it is essential to choose the ideal horse schoolbag for their needs and tastes. Practical, solid and stylish, our primary school models are here to help you find the horse schoolbag for girls or boys of your child's dreams.

    The ideal horse schoolbag

    Now that your child has left kindergarten, they are entering first grade and there are more notebooks in their bag. To accommodate the pencil case, textbooks and all the school supplies, it is now necessary to opt for a 38 cm horse schoolbag. Of course, this also depends on the size of your child, who may still need a 35 cm horse satchel.

    Among our wide selection of 38 cm primary schoolbags, some brands offer models with metal buckles and others with plastic buckles. Whichever model you choose, the ergonomic handle, padded back and adjustable shoulder straps are there to ensure your child is comfortable on the way to school, in the classroom and on the playground. A primary school satchel should be practical for the child, well designed with different compartments, and comfortable to carry school supplies in.

    By the time your child enters the fourth grade, he or she has naturally grown a few inches and it is time to choose a 41 cm schoolbag that weighs a reasonable amount. The ideal boy's or girl's schoolbag for 4th and 5th grade is right here. With models featuring a timetable pocket, reinforced bottom and several compartments, the choice is wide !

    Horse schoolbag, boy schoolbag or mixed schoolbag, there is something for everyone

    Once you have decided on the size of the horse schoolbag, all that remains is to choose the colour of the bag that will accompany your child for this new school year. A pink horse schoolbag, a red or black schoolbag or a blue schoolbag... the choice is sometimes difficult. There is of course the option of a patterned schoolbag, but it remains to be seen which quality brand will appeal to your child.

    For those who like "less is more", a plain or two-tone horse schoolbag is a great option. For the others, who are fond of tags, sequins or pompoms, you'll have to browse through our selection of quality horse bags to find THE model that will make your child's heart skip a beat, at home or elsewhere.

    For an ultra equestrian phone, adopt a horse phone case and become master of the place everywhere you go! It will also protect your phone in all circumstances.