Horse Bracelets

10 products

10 products

Wear a Horse Bracelet with elegance to affirm your admiration for horses.

Our Horse Bracelets

We offer a range of bracelets with different symbols representing the horse world such as the Horseshoe, the Horse Bit or the Horse Head. You will also find Horsehair bracelets.

These horse bracelets are some of our best selling horse jewellery with a country theme and are a very popular collection that we are very proud of. All of our equine inspired charms and bracelets are handmade in Worcestershire, UK and are available in sterling silver or 9 ct gold, while some are available in two tone (brass/silver). In addition, our equestrian bracelets featuring horse or greyhound heads have the option of adding a beautiful gemstone in the eyes.

Your excptional horse bracelets

Our desire is to offer passionate riders a wide choice of exclusive and high quality horse jewellery. Most of our chains are made of 925 sterling silver and are often studded with shiny zirconium stones. Our jewellery pieces are sophisticated and perfectly match the current fashion trends. Minimalist and refined, they are easy to wear and combine.

Jewellery is an excellent way to enhance your body in an elegant way and to reveal a part of your personality. With our equestrian models, you can show off one of your greatest interests : horse riding. You can find the horseshoe in the form of a bracelet, the horse bit and the horse itself. Don't be afraid to show your passion for horses, our jewels are designed to be simple and uncluttered to be worn on any occasion.

Horse Bracelet : Gold or Silver ?

If you are not sure whether to choose silver or gold jewellery, for the sake of harmony, it is advisable for men and women with light skin and hair to choose solid silver or white gold jewellery, as the grey colour of silver is considered to be a cold colour. Conversely, gold jewellery will suit darker individuals with tanned or dark skin. When choosing your purebred jewellery, it's all a question of taste, preference but also events and your budget. Among our entire collection of horse bracelets, you will find the jewel that is made for you. So your passion will follow you everywhere.

Bracelets for riders

You can choose your equestrian bracelets with a diamond, ruby or sapphire inlay. This allows you to really personalise your jewellery and can also be an additional personalised gift. We have a wide range of styles, from horse head and leg bracelets to stirrup bracelets without chains. For a more subtle equine theme, our horsebit bracelets are the perfect accessory for any outfit and can be worn for any occasion.

At Horse Placenta you will find a fabulous selection of bracelets for horse lovers and for living a western lifestyle. We offer the best selection of bracelets. New wristband selections are added seasonally. We hope you enjoy our selection of Bracelets and continue to make Horse Placenta your destination for Bracelets.

Discover our selection of Horse Bracelets for horse lovers. All kinds of jewellery selected by our specialists. A wide range of all materials.

Nothing better to dress up your wrist than a horse bracelet. An equestrian jewel is the favourite accessory of horse and riding enthusiasts. Put a horse-themed fashion accessory on your arm to assert your passion.

Quality of the horse bracelet

Several materials are used for our horse bracelets. From solid silver, pearls, stainless steel mesh or a simple leather cord, we have several product ranges and different qualities.

Types of horse bracelets

We offer several types of bracelets with a horse theme. A woman's bracelet should be elegant, that's why our selection is oriented towards this criterion. Some bracelets are made of leather, others are chains. You will be able to find a curb chain or a cuff bracelet if this is your favourite type of bracelet.

Equestrian themes in the spotlight

Of course, it is the equestrian theme that is in the spotlight. There is a whole universe around horses, so you won't be lost. From horseshoe bracelets to bit bracelets, the famous horse accessories are present.

If you think that equestrian jewellery is for you and that it perfectly represents your style and personality, don't hesitate to come and see the complete collection of all our horse jewellery ! See you on the other side for a jockey look.