Horse Caps

    10 products

    10 products

    Summer is all about style ! So we invite you to find your new Horse Cap for an absolutely equestrian look in all circumstances.


    A Cap is nothing but a way to emphasize the highlight of your clothing style. They are used today more as a way to make a statement than to protect yourself from the sun... If you're a true fan of crazy summer festivals, then choose one of our horse-patterned caps to go with you, compliments are bound to be forthcoming. 🧢

    A hip-hop look awaits you with our models with a flat visor. It's a sure way to make your opponents bend at the drop of a hat. Our wide range offers you no less than 100 cap models so that you can find the design that suits you best. The black and white ones are perfect for a sober style, they are the most appreciated and the reaper recommends them to you.


    All our models are perfectly unisex for the happiness of the ladies. We know how popular horse caps have become with women in recent years, and it's for our great pleasure. We recommend flat visors for men and rounded visors for women.

    Some of them are perfectly discreet and will allow you to sneak in wherever you go and on a daily basis. But not all of them are, far from it! Many of them are brightly coloured, with rather flashy designs, and these are the most popular. Why stay in the shadows when you can shine in the spotlight ? It's up to you to choose the one you want to show off !


    We're not kidding when you see the number of models and designs in this collection... Our horse caps are a delight for the most amateur of people celebrating our deaths every year. Our horse caps are perfect for the free spirit that you are, show how much of a modern day jockey you are with one of these ! Riders are not spared thanks to our horse caps, because indeed, the mount always comes back to the heart of our shop with more incredible designs than ever before.

    The horse is our muse and is not forgotten in this collection. We integrate her through images featuring her in different situations. And often with her big hooves ready to run ! The horse caps offer us an absolutely magical style that we never stop appreciating. Horse lovers thank us every day for offering them these extraordinary models.

    To complete your equestrian or jockey look straight from the den of free spirits, you need to check out our wide range of horse clothing. We offer a variety of clothing styles with an almost infinite number of items always featuring a horse as the ultimate style symbol.