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    30 products

    Horse Clothing

    Do you love horses and want to buy rider's clothing ?

    Discover now on Horse Placenta a multitude of horse clothing choices that are an integral part of the equestrian world. From leggings to competition jackets and polo shirts for the most passionate and sporty among you ! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, we have what you need. Do you want an outfit that will accompany you during your training sessions, your rides or the time you spend with your favourite foal ? This is where you'll find what you're looking for, with a wide range of clothing for male and female riders, containing a never-ending supply !

    Horses are your friends and you want to pay tribute to them on your clothes ?

    From simple horse T-shirts to socks, jumpers and leggings, you're sure to find the outfit that will make you fall in love ! Horse lovers are often uncompromising and want the best possible workmanship to share their passion and pay tribute to their favourite pastime. That's why at Horse Placenta we only offer quality products that are fully customised and manufactured in USA. With simple or extravagant designs, printed or embroidered, you have all the cards in hand to find what you want !

    Why buy equestrian clothing on our website ?

    Horse Placenta is the birthplace of the passion for horses. Here we are more than just a shop, we are a community united around a common passion ! Only a screen separates us from the ties that bind us to these majestic four-legged animals that are our horses. That's why, unlike most shopping sites, we want you to be able to learn more about our horse friends through our blog, or to be able to read about them on our website, before or after you make your 100% secure purchase.

    The best of the best in horse clothing is here at Horse Placenta. We create fun and funny designs that are completely customised to delight all of our riding friends.


    All our horse clothes are printed in USA in our workshop in Jupiter on quality textile that we have selected for their durability and the softness of the fabric. All our organic T-shirts are certified. Our Horse Sweatshirts are ultra soft on the inside and so comfortable to wear that you won't want to leave them !

    You've been looking for a :

    • Personalized T-Shirt about your horse
    • Sweatshirt representing your riding discipline
    • Polo shirt for your horse shows
    • Tank top for the passionate rider
    • Horse gift for a child or baby
    • Trendy bag to store your riding gear

    You practice dressage, driving, endurance, equifeel, equifun, horse-ball, hunter, mountain trail, paddock polo, pony-games, ride and run, voltige ?

    Your horse is a French Saddle, an Arab, an English Thoroughbred, a French Trotter, a Quarter Horse, an Appaloosa, a Lusitano, a Lipizzaner, a Percheron, a Belgian, a Comtois, a Merens, a Holsteiner, a Friesian ?

    Here at last you can find your happiness !


    We are a team of four people, printers, designers, horse lovers. Everything is printed in USA in the Centre region and sent from the Post Office distribution centre. It is with great pride that we develop our business every day to offer quality products made in USA and meet both local and national demand. We also work with English-speaking suppliers with whom we have created partnerships of trust.


    We have tested and approved all the textiles we offer. Our idea is that a customer who is satisfied with the quality of his product will come back to buy from us and will talk about our horse products around him. Rather than having a huge stock of clothing in every possible colour, we have opted for black T-shirts, white T-shirts, black sweatshirts, grey sweatshirts, black tank tops and white tank tops. This allows us to avoid waste and to speed up our production process by offering a price accessible to the greatest number.


    At Horse Placenta we guarantee a 100% refund and return. If you are not satisfied with your personalised garment, we offer a one month stress-free money back guarantee. If the size of the T-shirt, tank top or sweatshirt does not suit you, we will exchange it quickly and free of charge.

    To show off your favourite animal in everyday life, what better than a horse t-shirt to show everyone your passion for horse riding !