Horse Curtains

    10 products

    10 products

    Make your bathroom as equestrian as the racetrack ! The beauty of our Horse Curtains will turn the heads of your guests and give you the energy you are looking for on a daily basis.


    The online shop offers here a collection of horse curtains with patterns that are truly original designs that you won't find elsewhere.

    A universe for horse riding enthusiasts for this most category which displays a wide choice to allow everyone to find the reference that will meet their expectations.

    The proposed motifs concern of course the horses, the sports related to riding and the equestrian world, without forgetting the accessories and the equipment.

    We remain at your disposal to answer your requests and to accompany you in your project.


    The beauty of our shower curtains completely crushes the codes of society. Tired of sleek and completely boring designs ? You're not the only one ! That's why we've come together to create this collection that's completely different to what you'll find in the shops. Choose from over 30 absolutely equestrian designs to make your time in the shower a real torture. 🤤

    The variety of our range is perfect to come and meet the needs of the biggest fan in the community. Our horses bring a magical design to your bathroom and add a very artistic, even spiritual vibe to your shower time. Adopt yours today and become the undisputed king of equestrian style !


    Needless to say, these curtains are not for everyone. Only for the most convinced among us. Those who have taken a vow of freedom and love. The most jockeys in the community are having a field day with these decorative elements that look like they were given to us by the horse himself.

    As a reminder, these horses are mostly more on the side of good than evil. Indeed, reminding us that we are not eternal is the most beautiful way to push us to live each day as if it were the last. That life is worth living to the full and that the slave life that society offers us is not for us. So now it's your turn to join our ranks if you are looking for that freedom young rider ! 👊

    If you want to sleep soundly, put a horse pillow under your head for a good night's sleep. You can also use it as a decoration for your interior.