Horse Earrings

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10 products

Earrings are a must-have for horse enthusiasts who want to proudly show their admiration for horses and all that they represent.

Our Horse Earrings

Select from our collection the set that suits you best, such as Horseshoe Earrings or Horse Earrings for example. Some of them are available in silver and you can find different sizes like dangling earrings.

Develop your own unique riding style with our Horse Earrings. Do what you like when you like it and let everyone know by wearing these Horse Earrings on your ears to show who you really are by affirming your personality !

Having a Horse Earring, a timeless trend. 🐴

 Having two, you will agree, is still better than one. However, fashion never stops evolving and changing... All the style codes of clothing are getting mixed up. However, one thing has not changed for more than 50 years ! This is of course the Earrings trend which remains unchanged. But why not get a little cocky and create your own style ? Check out our Horse Earrings for the equestrian fan. A mix of shapes and colours with a horse riding theme ! Something to please everyone while staying in trend with a touch of personality.

Equestrian Earrings for everyone

Without being too flashy, the earrings know how to be noticed with elegance, luxury, calm and voluptuousness. Being minimalist, they will be discreet, but depending on your choice, they will be much more visible. The choice is yours ! The best thing to do is to have several pairs of earrings so that you can swap them out for different occasions. Be chic at a gala with simple horse earrings or flashy at a nightclub with big horse earrings to attract attention !

Customize your Equestrian Earrings ! 💎

 You wear Earrings in all weathers, on all occasions. So you might as well make the most of it and add a little bit of your personality to it! Engrave the name of your favourite horse or rider on your pairs of Earrings now !

To accompany your earrings, you can choose a magnificent Horse Necklace to become a true and glorious Rider !


 Brighten up your face and add sophistication to your design with our wide range of sublime horseshoe, stirrup and horsebit earrings. You will find here a wide variety of hoop earrings, stud earrings, hook earrings, dangling earrings or sleeper earrings in sterling silver 925, steel, or gold plated to enhance your figure and assert your personality.


 Enhance your face and illuminate your figure with radiant ear clips. Enhance your outfits and add a final touch to your look with some gorgeous horse earrings


 Enhance your face and brighten up your figure with radiant, elegant pieces. Sublimate your outfits and bring a final touch to your look and with sublime horse earrings

We have selected for you a beautiful range of earrings, in all sizes and colours, classy and elegant, original or ethnic!

The hardest part will be to choose 😉

Fall for the models of our horse earrings collection on a rather sophisticated equestrian theme. Find our pendants in the form of equine symbols, known and appreciated by all riders such as the horseshoe and the equine itself. In sterling silver or gold, you will know how to sublimate your head carriage.


 Our desire is to offer passionate horsemen a wide choice of exceptional and quality horse jewellery. Most of our pendants are made of 925 sterling silver and are often studded with sparkling zirconium stones. Our jewellery pieces are sophisticated and perfectly match the current fashion trends. Minimalist and refined, they are easy to wear and combine.

Jewellery is an excellent way to enhance your body in an elegant way and to reveal a part of your personality. With our equestrian models, you can show off one of your greatest interests : horse riding. You can find the horseshoe in the form of earrings and the horse itself. Don't be afraid to show your passion for horses, our jewels are designed to be simple and uncluttered to be worn on any occasion.


 If you are hesitating between silver or gold attachments, for a question of harmony, it is advisable for men and women with light skin and hair to turn to solid silver or white gold jewellery, because the grey of silver is considered a cold colour.

Conversely, gold jewellery will suit darker individuals with tanned or darker skin.
When it comes to choosing your purebred heart clasps, it's all a matter of taste, preference, events and your budget.

Among our entire collection of equine earrings, you will find the jewel that is made for you. So your passion will follow you everywhere.

Equestrian earrings

A pair of equestrian earrings is the perfect gift for anyone who loves horses and the countryside or as a special gift for yourself. Our very popular and exclusive range of equestrian inspired earrings are perfect for any horse lover. The collection includes sterling silver or 9 carat gold equestrian earrings, exclusive to our online shop, and all of our themed earrings, handmade in Worcestershire, UK.

Our earring designs include horse earrings, farrier studs, horse stirrups, snaffle bits, horseshoes and fox heads. You can also add a little sparkle to your ear by adding a gemstone to your horse earrings.

To complete your equestrian style, you might consider a horse bracelet. A real piece of jewellery for self-respecting women riders ! This horse bracelet will make you the true free spirit you have been wanting to be for years. Go for one of these and watch your charisma grow.