Horse Jewellery

138 products

138 products

Enhance your refinement with the fabulous range of horse jewellery selected for you. Find in this shop sublime necklaces, adorable rings, lovable bracelets and authentic earrings on the horse theme.  Showcase the splendour of your style inspired by charming equestrian jewellery.

Horse Jewellery is a great way to show your passion for horses on a daily basis. We offer you a wide range of products to represent the most beautiful of animals with elegance.

Horse Ring

Show your love for the horse by wearing a beautiful Horse Ring or give it to a special person.

Horse Earrings

Wear our beautiful Horse Earrings for everyday life or for a special occasion.

Horse Bracelet

Find our Horse Bracelets in all its forms and with all the symbols on the universe of the horse.

Horse Necklace

Wear one of our necklaces with a Horse Pendant to show your admiration for horses.

Horse Watch

Combine the useful with the pleasant by choosing one of our wonderful Horse Watches that will give you the time and remind you of the beauty of horses.

Our wide range of "horse jewellery" is surely the most diversified and extensive you will find on the web ! Take the time to carefully choose the horse jewellery you decide to wear, accompanied by an outfit with the equestrian look that is so beloved by riders !

Be seen and elegant at the same time ? This is a matter of course with our jewellery.

Between the class of wearing a piece of jewellery in gold, silver or stainless steel, the style it embodies thanks to its equestrian motif, the elegance it brings to your horse-loving outfit thanks to its specific jewellery features, and the elegance of it allowing it to slip on everywhere and at any time thanks to its sober or shiny style, the "horse jewellery" range of Horse Placenta has nothing to envy to others ! Wearing a piece of jewellery, whether it is a ring, a necklace, a watch or a bracelet, has never been so easy. Whether you are in a jogging suit or a suit, a man or a woman, you will find the perfect jewel for you !

Our Horse Jewellery 🐴

With our gigantic array of Jewellery updated every week with new arrivals, you can be sure and certain to find the jewelry that will make you the happiest person in the world with a unique and trendy style that will impress everyone ! To make sure that you can find the model that really suits you, we offer you this wide range of products :

  • Horse Rings
  • Horse Bracelets
  • Horse Earrings
  • Horse Necklaces and Pendants
  • Horse Watch

Jewellery for equestrian fans, unique quality at Horse Placenta.

Tired of low quality products promoted by influencers ? Here at Horse Placenta, we make it a point of honour to provide you with only quality jewellery ! We are passionate about the equestrian world just like you and we love horses just like you. That's why we make quality products so that you can enjoy wearing equestrian jewellery just like you. The feel and effect of a stone and here the materials of the jewellery vary according to the quality of the jewellery. However, when you receive your necklace, bracelet, ring or watch from us, the feeling of our jewellery will make you fall in love with it !

A strong connection with your favourite foal that is always with you.

Do you want to keep something close to your favourite horse ? This is proof that you are a real horseman in the flesh ! And it is exactly for people like you, the true lovers of the Equestrian world, that we have created Riding Jewellery so that we can always have a piece of jewellery reminding us of our beloved horse. In addition to simple necklaces, bracelets and horse earrings, we offer engraved jewellery that can be personalised, which will only strengthen the bond with your foal !

Give a piece of jewellery to your favourite rider.

Ladies, do you like giving gifts ? Giving a piece of horse jewellery to your favourite rider is undoubtedly one of the best surprises you can give him. You want to give him a piece of jewellery, but you don't know what to get yet ? Look at his habits and what he already owns. If he has a ring, choose a necklace, if he has a watch, buy him a bracelet so that you don't end up with a duplicate piece of jewellery that he won't use.

Give your favourite date a gift of beautiful jewellery. 💍

Gentlemen, Does your favorite date like jewellery ? If so, don't hesitate. Women love gifts and small attentions of all kinds! If you want to delight her, know that women love watches, but most of them already own one. So it's up to you to decide if a watch is a good choice. If not, among the necklaces that women love, choose something thin and sober ! Which can be visible or not according to the good will of this one. Finally, there are bracelets, earrings and rings that depend purely on the tastes of the lucky lady.

Knights' jewellery 🐎

We invite you now to discover our very large selection of Horse Earrings to allow you to enjoy all our most famous jewels featuring Horses and their friends the Riders !

Once again, we invite you to discover our collection of horse rings to discover all our most famous jewels bearing the effigy of this equestrian animal. No one is spared in this collection with creations as surprising as elegant.