Horse Lamps

    25 products

    25 products


    A real sporty atmosphere cannot be created without one of our horse-shaped lamps in your interior design. Young rider of modern times, you are fed up with boring style lighting with no carysm ? You're not the only one, friend ! That's why you're here looking for a new sensation. And we have exactly what you need to fully satisfy you...

    Welcome to the new Horse Placenta collection. We have come together to offer you bright articles that are just like you. And the result is unmistakable... completely equestrian, seemingly from another world. You know this world, it's the racetrack. More often known as a racecourse. And you should get a taste for it very quickly if you are one of us. 🐎

    For a quirky, artistic or even spiritual atmosphere, you too should adopt your horse lamp and give a whole new dimension to the room that has the privilege of housing it. But beware, these lamps are not for everyone. Only for free spirits, for people who have chosen total freedom and wish to enter a world that few can appreciate to its true value. Are you one of the privileged ones ?


    Whether it's a horse's head or a galloping horse, many of our lamps are 3D models. A real luminous 3D head is waiting for you to bring an untamed animal style to your bedside table. Use it for your equestrian reading sessions and let yourself be transported into a whole new spiritual dimension. 💡

    Whether you're looking for a quirky light for an unusual bedroom decoration or simply a horse nightlight, you'll effortlessly find your happiness on this collection page. Our wide range should support the horseman's style that defines you, and that's something we're very proud of. So join our ranks today and become the son of the horse in turn.


    The many colours of our horse lamp designs are perfect to add cheerfulness to your home. Put one of them on your wall and take our word for it, your nights will never taste the same again ! All the elements of Texas culture are perfect for your decor.

    Our horse lights are obviously great to use when it's dark. You don't need to draw a picture, the atmosphere will not be the same and will even reassure some of your guests... That's what we want, right ? Sort out your friends by simply switching on one of them at your epic parties !

    Any of these colourful horse lamps might surprise you with their impressive, high-quality impression ! Some of our motifs can also be found on our horse stickers. So you can have the right atmosphere in every corner of the room !