Horse Masks

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    10 products

    Horse Mask

    Are you looking for the perfect costume for a party, a temporary occasion or an event ? Don't hesitate ! Here at Horse Placenta, we have everything you need to be the best dressed of all your friends. A wide range of horse masks is available, so what are you waiting for ?

    Horse Mask : Fun and passion !

    If you want to buy a Horse Mask for children or adults, discover our unique collection of Horse Masks ! Whether it's for the summer or any other time of the year, our masks are sure to be a hit. Moreover, being personalised, they will offer you a more unique and fun style that will best reflect the passion you have for horse riding and all that it encompasses. Riders, be fun even at fancy dress parties by sharing the spirit of horses with your friends with our Horse Masks that will make you the most popular person at any party you go to !

    Have fun like a kid with our Horse Masks

    Reawaken your inner child and have a blast like in the good old days by rediscovering your passion for horses without any barriers ! Your love of the equestrian world will only be strengthened when you share it with others and no longer limit yourself to having fun. This is exactly why we decided to create this range of horse masks !

    Do you want a soft companion who will always stay close to you ? Then choose a horse plush to remind you that you will never be alone again !