Horse Necklaces

50 products

50 products

Do you love horses ? Don't worry, we have what you need Young Rider ! Discover now our wide range of Horse Necklaces that will not leave you indifferent. A large choice of collars with various styles that will allow you to find your happiness !

Horse Necklaces : Jewellery at the base of fashion.

Be trendy and fashionable with our horse necklaces ! An unbeatable style that reflects your passion thanks to the equestrian pendant present on each of our necklaces.

Necklaces have always been the basis of fashion, whether they are big prestige brands or more banal brands, chains, necklaces and pendants are always a hit with customers !

An almost unlimited selection of Equestrian Chains

Almost unlimited and growing every day, our collection of Horse Chains will suit everyone thanks to its diversity of style, with different colours, materials and shapes. Discover now our Horse Necklaces :

  • Gold Horse Necklace
  • Silver Horse Necklace
  • Rose Gold Horse Necklace
  • White Gold Necklace
  • Horseshoe Necklace

Pendant or Necklace, there is something for everyone. 📿

Whether you're a rider who loves riding or just a fan of horses, you'll find the perfect gem ! Having customers from many different communities, we want to be able to cater for everyone. That's why we have a wide range of horse collars to choose from. Ranging from simple and sleek to flashy 3D collars, horse fans often have very diverse tastes !

Horse Collar for Men 👱🏼♂️

Horses have been gaining in popularity for many years and especially in the hearts and morals of men. Indeed, for several years more and more men have become Riders and no longer hide but dare to show it out loud ! And we can now see more and more young men wearing t-shirts, horse jumpers and especially jewellery like here with our necklaces. So it's your turn to show who you really are, Rider !

A unique passion for a unique style.

Looking to create your own style ? Start now to search our inexhaustible stock for the necklaces that suit you best to create your style. Being inimitable is possible and easy ! In addition to a necklace, opt for a Horse Watch to complete the look.

Discover our selection of Horse Necklaces, for horse lovers. Quality pendants made by our jewellery specialists. Many models in steel and silver. Among this selection of products, you will find necklaces of all prices. All the necklaces in our shop are horse related. A jewel on the theme of horses is above all an object of passion.

Among you, many are those who practice horse riding. Whether you own a horse or a pony, it is the love of equines that counts. Your beloved animal should be represented in a piece of jewellery.

A horse necklace corresponds to a pendant but not only, it must be in coherence with the chain so that you have the blow of heart. The Horseshoe Lucky Pendant for example can be removed from its chain or its link to be put on another one.

What are the themes ?

All our horse necklaces are horse related as the name suggests. Our best selling products at the best prices are those of the horseshoe necklace range.

Our necklaces and pendants are mainly for women and girls. These jewels are themed just like our shop in general.

What will i find here ?

Jewellery of all kinds, but always related to the horse world ! Jewellery in solid silver, sterling or silver-plated, gold-plated, pearls. Precious stones like crystal or zirconium. From rhodium-plated metal to costume jewellery, we have everything you need if you ride horses. When it says "silver" in the product name, it means that the necklace or pendant, often both, are made of sterling silver. Sterling silver, also known as 925 silver, is solid and is a quality metal as it is sold in department stores.

As far as designs and pendants are concerned, there are several horseshoe necklaces, horse head necklaces. These are among the most popular. In particular, there are horsebit and stirrup necklaces.

In relation to the types of necklaces, we have a necklace saltire, choker, chain. The clasp is usually easy to open. The structure of the chain is often jaseron or snake for a strong, solid and elegant chain.

How do i maintain my necklace ?

To increase the life of your horse collar, avoid shocks, contact with water or perspiration if the collar is not made of silver, gold or stainless steel. Do not hesitate to store it in a case or your jewellery box when you are not wearing it.

Can i change the pendant ?

Some pendants can be purchased separately. Prices vary depending on the material of the jewellery used. We are careful in the selection of our products. The pendant can be removed from the chain and replaced.

What is the difference between necklaces and pendants ?

Pendants are usually the jewellery, the accessories that are attached to the chain of necklaces. They are often interchangeable.

Gifts for a loved one

Jewellery will always be the perfect gift for a woman. Delivery is free throughout USA if you wish to make a gift to a girl who is passionate about horse riding.

The different types of chains

We have several different chains. Metal, pearl, leather or solid sterling chains. Some are gold plated. We do not sell solid gold jewellery at the moment.

A small piece of jewellery to show off your passion for horse riding

Equestrian necklaces or horse pendants for girls to the most sophisticated rider. Equestrian necklaces or pendants from equestrian collections. All our equestrian houses, equestrian gifts or equestrian jewellery come with the 100% Horse Placenta satisfaction guarantee.

Horse Placenta offers some of the most popular necklaces and pendants found online. Horse Placenta offers a full range of the best necklaces and pendants, all with our money back satisfaction guarantee. Be a smart shopper and buy your necklace from Horse Placenta and always ride in style !

Your unique horse necklaces and pendants

We want to offer you a wide choice of unique and quality horse jewellery. Most of our chains and pendants are made of 925 sterling silver and very often set with bright zircon stones or mixed with a sublime golden colour. But you can also find sets in alloy, silver plated, stainless steel and brass.

Our jewellery pieces are sophisticated and perfectly match the current fashion trends. Minimalist and delicate, they are easy to wear and combine. Treat yourself !

All our necklaces with pendants are carefully selected. We want to offer a collection of original, timeless jewellery that cannot be found in any jewellery store.

Jewellery is an excellent way to sublimate one's body, in an elegant way, and to reveal a part of our personality. Thanks to our equestrian models, you can show off one of your greatest interests: horse riding. You will find the horseshoe in the form of a collar, the horse bit and the horse itself. Don't be afraid to show your passion for horses, our jewels are designed to be simple and uncluttered to be worn on any occasion.

Stallion chain : gold or silver ?

If you are hesitating between a silver or gold set, for a question of harmony, it is advisable, for men and women with light skin and hair, to turn to solid silver or white gold jewellery, as the grey of silver is considered a cold colour.

Conversely, gold jewellery will suit darker individuals with tanned or dark skin. When it comes to choosing your purebred chains, it's all a matter of taste, preference, events and budget.

Among our entire collection of horse necklaces and pendants, you will find the jewel that is made for you. So your passion will follow you everywhere.

A horse jewel for women : an original gift idea

The holidays are approaching and you don't know what to give to a loved one ? Jewellery is an excellent gift idea, to present to an exceptional person, as a lucky charm, as a souvenir or simply as proof of your love. A sublime horse necklace around the neck, to nicely dress up a neckline.

Opt for a radiant sterling silver necklace, studded with brilliant zirconium stones, or for a silver pendant exquisitely mixed with a gold colour. Go for a silver or gold-plated piece of jewellery for a smaller price. For a birthday, wedding, Christmas, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, whatever you choose, it will be the perfect gift.

In a completely different style but still essential, especially for women, discover all our most beautiful horse earrings to always have the equestrian horse by your side, whatever the situation.