Horse Pillows

    10 products

    10 products

    We present you this large collection of Horse Pillows that will allow you to decorate your home with your favourite animal.

    Horses are wonderful animals that really belong in any interior decoration.


    This lovely animal belongs to the equidae family. When they are not domesticated, horses live in herds with only one stallion as leader. Their only method of protection against their attackers is to flee, and they have a keen sense of when to disappear.

    They were once used for transporting people and for agriculture, but nowadays they are mostly used for leisure activities such as horse riding and epic races 🐎

    Horses are mostly domesticated animals, so they will be used for our pleasure, previously they worked at the side of man, in farm tasks, or as a locomotion system to go to town.

    After many years, the horse has become a friend of mankind and is finally being considered on all continents.

    It is a herbivore, it eats mainly grass, hay and man now provides it with supplements such as cereals, corn.

    A very particular and extraordinary quality characterises them, they will be able to sleep while remaining upright on their legs.

    Horses embody uprightness, vivacity, power and firmness.


    Horses are majestic animals, your decoration will be highlighted. The luxurious side of the horse will be able to invade your interior and will acquire a certain prestige, thanks to our horse pillows covers 🐴.

    Our horse pillow will be able to sit like a stallion on your sofa. The class and nobility of this animal will become an integral part of your home.

    The strength and beauty of this equine will be the very breath of your home when you have installed these pillows. They will breathe new life into your home.


    These horse pillows are one of the most loved animal cushion collections by our customers. With their elegance, they are irresistible and make your home a special and authentic place. They will be able to match all your decorative objects that are already in place in your home.

    These decorative objects will be able to invade your interior and permeate the whole of it. The living room will be able to accommodate all these cushions as on a sofa or on an armchair.

    Your bedroom and also your children's bedroom will be flooded with these cushions, placed on the bed cover or as a cushion, so that you can spend peaceful nights in the company of these magnificent animals that are horses.

    Your bed linen will be able to combine perfectly with our horse cushion collection, because there are many colours, there is something for everyone.

    You will be able to put them anywhere you want, like on your sofa or armchair or use them as bedding.

    But the thing we don't think about very often is that these cushions will also be decorative elements, we can put them next to our window sills and also on a shelf as a decorative knick-knack.

    This range will leave you speechless and don't feel obliged to thank us by buying one of these covers, but the main thing is that you can enjoy yourself.

    Don't hesitate and install one of these covers in your home !

    Discover our collection of all our horse decorations to show your love for horse riding and all the world around it. This is the best opportunity for you to become a true free spirit. See you on the other side for more decorations from the racetrack !