Horse Plush

    10 products

    10 products

    Discover our large collection of horse plush, each one cuter than the next. Your children will love to cuddle and ride their new plush for great adventures.

    A Horse Plush

    This horse plush will be a good friend for your little boy or even girl ! You can give a horse plush as a gift on your toddler's birthday or at Christmas.

    Horses enjoy company

    The horse is an intelligent and friendly animal. It has a gentle and patient character. It is very sensitive to caresses and voices. It does not like to be alone, it likes to be accompanied and to go for a walk. It is an animal that is easy to handle. You are looking for the right horse, find all our horse plushies on the collection.

    For a successful start to the new school year or simply to transport your belongings without getting tired, you need a horse backpack that will make your life easier !