Horse Posters

10 products

10 products

The favorite decorative item for horse lovers is the Horse Poster. Once hung on the wall, the room comes to life. We have collected several horse posters for your enjoyment.

Why a poster on horses ?

A poster on horses is primarily a decorative wall object. What better way to beautify your home than with equestrian decoration? All animal lovers know, posters are an essential for your decoration. In a child's room or in a hallway, each room will be compatible with this wall poster.

An essential of the equestrian decoration

The horse poster is undoubtedly the most popular wall decoration among equine fans. Decorating a bedroom with wall posters is so beautiful and practical. Just hang it on a wall for a crazy wall decoration. Coupled with a sticker or comforter cover, your home decor will come alive and have a real equestrian feel.

What is the difference between a poster and a display ?

There is no difference, a poster and a horse poster are actually the same thing. The name is just different but not the product. So if you see the word "poster" used, know that we are talking about posters.

A horse poster is printed from a photo or sometimes a piece of art. This makes them original wall decorations for the children's room.

What paper is used for the posters ?

The posters offered on our site are made of paper and not canvas, this is the biggest difference with a painting that we also offer in the "decoration" category. The paper used is a 189g paper. This means that for one square meter of paper, the weight is 189g. For comparison, a classic A4 sheet weighs 80g. The paper used for a horse poster is therefore heavier because it is more rigid and more solid.

What sizes are available ?

We offer several sizes in order to have the format that suits you.

Formats used :

  • size 21x30cm : this format corresponds to the A4 format
  • size 30x40cm : this format corresponds to the A3 format
  • size 50x70cm : Ideal for a wall in a room
  • size 61x91cm : Perfect to display in a living room
  • size 70x100cm : The largest format we offer

Printing quality of a horse poster :

Our posters have a giclee printing technique. This technology allows us to have an image and colors of very high quality. Even for large posters. The printing is done directly on 189g paper and not on canvas.

Our horse stickers are also here for you. Perfect for displaying inside or on the body of your car. Use them to ward off enemies and evil spirits who want to get close to you ! Stick one of these in your bedroom to go with your beautiful horse duvet cover. An equestrian look that we love !