Horse Rings

45 products

45 products

What could be more meaningful than a Horse Ring to show your love for the horse ?

Our Horse Rings

Horse Rings are designed for quality refinement by integrating symbols from the world of the horse such as the Horseshoe, the Horsebit or the Horse's Head.

Rings with equestrian spirit, horse shoe, horse bit, horse head, horse hoof...
Fancy or fine manufacture, silver jewellery, solid silver or gold, some with zirconium crystals.

We all love Horse Rings, but when this jewellery is coupled with our passion for horse riding we are thrilled !

Our horse rings are one of our favourite pieces of jewellery. For men or women, you would have no trouble pleasing them !

This beautiful product is a perfect gift for a rider.

Our rings are adjustable or available in several sizes, so don't hesitate and treat yourself.

These well designed and masterfully crafted equestrian rings can really add a strong element of style and sophistication to your overall look, not to mention making a memorable gift perfect for delighting someone special. We have a whole collection of horse rings and equestrian rings available in sterling silver and 9 carat gold, with a distinctive theme to suit everyone.

Horse rings, fox rings, horseshoe rings, farrier nails and snaffle bites.
We have pretty horse rings and designs featuring foxes, snaffle bits, horseshoes and farrier nails, so whatever your favourite part of equestrian life, we'll have something to suit your look. If you like your jewellery to have a bit of glitz and sparkle, some of our rings, such as the horseshoe ring, can be adorned with a precious or semi-precious stone. Most of our horse rings are adjustable to help you get a good fit, and we make our rings in a wide variety of common sizes.

Discover the best selection of Horse Rings in all the world ! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, a horse lover, a fan of the equestrian world or simply a lover of horse jewellery, you will find your rare pearl on this page exclusively reserved for those for whom Horses represent something unique.

Our Silver Horse Rings 💍

A huge jewel always makes an impact and certainly makes a statement, but if it's also a Silver Horse Ring, the effect is only heightened and your style with it ! Sterling silver is known for its brilliance and nobility and when the S925 hallmark is added, your hand will literally become that of a great and experienced Horseman and all eyes will be on your silver hand. Show who you really are and make your mark in the world of Equestrianism with your new jewellery !

Our Horse Rings for women

Coquettish and discreet, women know how to have style, and in the best possible way ! With our almost endless selection, you are sure to find the perfect Horse Ring. With choices ranging from Silver Horse Rings for women to Gold Horse Rings and every possible wacky style. However, if it's a gift for your loved one's birthday or Valentine's Day, be a gentleman ! After a few searches through our gigantic selection, you'll have no problem finding the perfect ring to suit your favourite equestrian lover.

Our Horse Rings for men

Don't worry gentlemen, we've got it covered ! Are you looking for a Horse Ring, but don't want a basic model ? Our entire collection is full of Knight Rings that are sure to please you all more than the next. A range of Horse Rings in steel and silver that will also allow you to offer the Rider of your life or even a good friend of yours a piece of jewellery that he will remember !

Our Rider Rings

A wide range of Steel Horse Rings ? Our shop has an almost unlimited choice. From the sober and discreet style to the zany and showy, the designs of our Rings will only please you ! Here are a few examples of rings available in our shop :

  • Sterling Silver Horse Ring
  • Gold Horse Ring
  • Diamond Horse Ring
  • Horseshoe Ring
  • Horsebit Ring
  • Horse Head Ring

However, many people don't know their sizes and this is often one of the reasons why people don't buy rings online. However, here at Horse Placenta we have put together a Ring Size Guide to help you find the right ring for you !

A unique passion for a unique style

Looking to create your own style ? Start searching our endless supply of rings now to create your own style. Being imitable is possible and easy ! In addition to a ring, opt for a horse watch to complete the picture and embellish your wrist.