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44 products

Where do horse statues come from ?

The first known horse statues date back to the 6th century BC. They came mainly from Rome and Athens and often represented a rider as can be seen in the images below.

In the past, horse statues were used more to honour a statesman or military leader than to decorate a room or a living room. For this reason, they were usually much larger and were displayed publicly. Such statues can still be found today, such as that of Marcus Aurelius in Rome.

But little by little, horse statues became more popular and people welcomed them into their homes and found a place for them on a table, chest of drawers or desk. They are a great way to add style to a room and are very easy to install.

Let's take a look at why you might be interested in having one in your home.

Why install a horse statue in your home ?

Unlike many other types of statues, a horse statue is a decorative object that can instantly bring character to a place. The horse is by nature a noble, powerful and fiery animal, and a beautiful horse statue such as this decorative horse statue or this resin horse statue evokes all these characteristics.

A horse statue is also a beautiful visual object that can easily be combined with most decorations. You will have no trouble finding one that will enhance your room and give it the sparkle it deserves. While statues such as this vintage horse statue or this horse statue in armour will age a room, others such as this modern horse statue will make it look more modern and designer.

Owning a horse statue is also a good opportunity to pay homage in our home to a historical character or a famous battle as the Romans used to do. It will remind you in your daily life of the values, feats of arms and achievements of these people who have entered the pantheon of great men. This is why they are often found on a desk at work and are constantly in mind when we are still building our own history.

Where to put a horse statue in our home ?

A statue of a horse usually finds its place on a desk. Especially if it is made of wood. It will make the desk look warmer and improve your working comfort.

You can also place it on a chest of drawers, preferably if it is not already too cluttered, which will make the statue stand out more and give your furniture more style.

A horse statue can be placed in a bedroom, but it is often in a spacious room such as a living room where it stands out the most. You can also place it on a dining table or coffee table to show it off to your guests when you have guests.

To decorate your living room or your bedroom our Horse Statues is perfect for you ! Created with art and passion, sublime decorative objects on the horse : statues, sculptures, trinkets and figurines...

Sculptures, some of which are true works of art : reproductions in resin, wood, glass and various metals : bronze, copper and brass...
enough to satisfy your passion.

Materials used

Our horse statues are made of many different materials. Resin, copper, plastic, ceramic or wood. Different materials for different needs. Even if most of them are made of resin and come originally from a sculpture, you can opt for a more natural choice with a wooden statue. Here are some examples of bronze horse statues or resin horse statues.

A fantastic art and decoration object.

What better option for a decorative object than a horse statue ? Horse lovers will never tire of having a piece of art in their home. An equestrian decoration should start with a sculpture, a statuette that will communicate your passion for horses.

What kind of horse statues will i find here ?

You will find all types of horse statues. For art lovers, this Prancing Horse Statue will be a good choice. A sculpture that will make you think of antiquity will certainly be The bust of a horse or a horse's head. In general, there is something for every taste and price and above all something to redo your decoration from A to Z or simply to add an equestrian touch to your decor.

The equestrian theme in the spotlight

Several themes are covered in this collection. The equestrian theme is obviously at the heart of our shop. All the statues are about horses. However, there are several different themes, including cowboys, feng shui and many others. A resin sculpture will look older and more authentic than a bronze statue. Nevertheless, both pieces remain art and a decorative object.

If you want to see other products related to these statues, have a look at our collection of horse decoration.

Light up the room of your choice with an incredible horse lamp. Horseback riding will always be in the spotlight at your place.