Horse Stickers

    10 products

    10 products

    Are you looking for a decoration idea on the Horse theme ? We offer you our Horse Wall Stickers which can be easily integrated on your walls without too much effort.

    Our Horse Stickers

    These Horse Stickers are very easy to apply and adapt to all the surfaces of your interior. The Horse Wall Sticker will not damage your wall and will represent your passion for horses in style.

    How do I apply a wall sticker ?

    The first step is to put the wall sticker on the part of the wall you want to have an idea of the location. Remove the white paper, checking that the elements remain attached to the transparent film. Use a scraping tool as you remove the paper to stick the sticker.

    How do I remove a wall sticker ?

    To avoid damaging your paint or wallpaper, it is advisable to use a cloth slightly dampened with white vinegar. Gently rub the sticker on the wall in question to remove it little by little.

    A large choice of Horse stickers to stick on a wall or a car. Every enthusiast will find the right horse sticker. Each model is made of adhesive vinyl and leaves no traces when removed.

    Horse fans will find all types of stickers related to our favourite horse. Just to add a little equestrian touch to your decoration. An interior decoration must be original and must express your personality to ensure your well-being.

    Why use a sticker on horses ?

    The sticker is one of the best choices when it comes to wall decoration. Even more so when your favourite animals are horses. Wanting to redecorate your home to create a horse theme doesn't have to mean changing the furniture. If you want to create an equine atmosphere for your child's room, without having to turn everything upside down or not being able to go back, opt for the Horse Sticker. This self-adhesive product has been designed for those who want to change their decor regularly or add accessories to the interior of a bedroom or living room. Its adhesive paper gives it its sticky side and holds without any problem on a wall surface. All this without worrying about the future because it does not leave any traces. You can then easily remove it from your wall surface without damaging your wallpaper or your wall itself.

    How does a self-adhesive sticker work ?

    Deco stickers are designed and printed on vinyl paper. This paper is self-adhesive. This adhesive side gives the horse stickers the possibility of being stuck on several types of surfaces. Wall surface, car, window. It all depends on your taste. They can be used to decorate a baby's room or a child's room. It is above all a decorative product. These stickers offer a flexible and simple decoration opportunity.

    Why choose a horse sticker ?

    You might ask yourself why would I choose a horse sticker ? First and foremost, it's a choice made out of passion. The passion for horses and horse riding makes the horse sticker an obvious choice. Putting a sticker in the bedroom of a child who is a horse fan gives it a reassuring and happy look.

    What size for my horse sticker ?

    Regarding the size, most of our models offer a wide choice. Choose the size that suits you.

    If you are passionate about horses and decoration, we have the horse stickers you need ! Horse Placenta is the specialist in horse-related products.

    We offer a wide range of stickers with horses, to offer or to please you our stickers will be decorated to your taste the room of your choice. Discover the model of adhesive horse which corresponds to you.

    Our Horse Stickers can be easily stuck on all surfaces !

    The Horse Wall Sticker that we propose on our site is perfect to embellish the room of a child as well as an adult !

    Assert your own style with our equestrian decorative stickers !
    Finally if website that offers horse stickers for real horse riding fans !

    Because a real room honouring your passion and all that surrounds it would not be one without equestrian wall decorations, we propose an entire collection dedicated to horse posters ! It's the best way to show you belong to our community of free spirits.