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    10 products

    Horse T-Shirt

    Come and discover our large collection of Horse T-Shirts n°1 in USA ! Here, we do not judge anyone, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a girl, a boy, small or big, experienced rider or passionate beginner, simple horse lover or fan of the equestrian clothing style, you will find here your happiness, the rare pearl that will suit you perfectly !

    Horse T-Shirts : suitable for everyone 👕

    Whether you want to wear men's t shirts, women's t shirts, boy's t shirts or girl's t shirts (more commonly written "girl horse t shirt" by internet users), you will most certainly find the one that thrills you, the horse t shirt that stands out from the rest ! Thanks to their sizes, their premium quality and their extremely varied design ranges, they will adapt to your different tastes.

    Be yourself and assert your style with our Horse T-Shirts

    Have you been in love with these majestic four-legged animals since you were a kid and want to show everyone how cool they are ? So do we, and that's why you can trust Horse Placenta to provide you with the best in durable, premium and fashionable "Horse T-Shirts". From printed T-shirts to embroidered T-shirts to digital 3D printing, you can be sure that your style will be unique and that no one else can compete with it !

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    After a lot of competitions and stables, we are super proud to present you with this number 1 collection of Organic Horse T-shirts.


    All our design ideas come directly from the riders we communicate with. And if you can't find the t-shirt you want, we can make it for you ! We want to offer a wide range of customised horse shirts for all breeds of horses and ponies, for all riding disciplines and for all riding styles.

    We want you to be able to find what you are looking for every time :

    • Horse T-shirt Australia
    • Horse Heartbeat T-shirt
    • Horse T-shirt Uk
    • Horse T-shirt Girl
    • Horse Mom T-shirt
    • Horse Heart T-shirt
    • Horse T-shirt for Toddler
    • American Flag Horse T-shirt

    All these T-shirts are on Horse Placenta and nowhere else !


    At Horse Placenta, we print every day dozens of T-shirts by hand. Our greatest satisfaction is to receive very positive feedback from our customers. We also like to print beautiful designs on beautiful T-shirts, it's our job and we like it !

    We hate companies that, once the product is sold, are unreachable or do not find any solution. At Horse Placenta, the after-sales service is very simple. We answer all requests within 24 hours and always try to find the best solution for the customer. Advice, exchanges, returns, refunds, we are available and reactive to help you at best.


    We have chosen to work only with 100% organic cotton T-shirts certified OCS 100 / OCS Blend and manufactured in a healthy working environment. We know that awareness is growing and our customers will appreciate buying a sustainable and fair product. In the same logic, we send all our packages via recycled and recyclable envelopes.


    Your payment is secure on our entire site and once you place an order for one of our Horse T-shirts, we print it within 2 working days and send it to the post office via parcel post. If you have any problems receiving your order, we are here to help. We return products free of charge if you have a problem with the size or any other issue and we guarantee a 100% refund.

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