Horse Watches

    24 products

    24 products

    Combine business with pleasure by selecting one of our wonderful Horse Watches that will not only tell you the time but also remind you of the beauty of horses.

    Choose one of our high quality quartz watches made with precision in detail.

    The design that best represents your passion for Horses on your favourite watch. This is the dream of many Riders ! Be proud to share the Equestrian world with these beautiful Jewels.

    Our Horse Watches 🎠

    Stop being bored with these Horse Watches ! As a Horse enthusiast, we all know how much our passion makes us think about other things and takes our mind off the everyday. However, once your day of riding is over, you return to ordinary life, get bored and find the time long... We know what it's like to look at your watch and think that there are still several endless hours to go before you can get back on the horse. But that's all over now ! Check out our extensive horse watch collection !

    Horse watch, there is something for everyone ! ⌚

    Whether you are a man, a woman or a child, you will be sure to find THE Watch you need Horseman !

    • Automatic Horse Watch
    • Horse Gusset Watch
    • Wooden Horse Watch
    • Leather Horse Watch

    The ultimate Horse Jewel

    If you had the choice of only one piece of horse jewellery on our shop, we would undoubtedly guide you towards a horse watch. Why ? Because it is the jewel par excellence. The one that dresses everyone whether it is sober and pure or flashy, everyone wants an elegant horse watch and it is also because this jewel is the only one to have a real utility in addition to its fashion effect that will give you an incomparable style.

    The Horse Placenta collection of women's and men's horse watches offers timeless and elegant clothing.

    Always classy and always cool. Our horse watches feature un-embellished natural materials and minimalist details, combined with genuine Italian leather or vegetable leather watchbands that age gracefully with you, helping to tell your story or remind you of moments you may have forgotten. All our watches are powered by an analogue quartz movement that is battery operated to ensure excellent and accurate time keeping. Your new watch is packaged in a bespoke box, with the option of a personalised monogram for a very special gift, or to make it truly yours. Our entire collection is available for purchase directly from our online shop.

    A horse watch is much more beautiful than practical, don't you think ?

    You can make up your own mind with our selection of horse watches, which are available in a range of colours and models.

    To accompany your jewelry around the wrist, you can offer you a beautiful horse necklace to get an adornment worthy of this strong and fast equine !