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Brass Horse Statue
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Brass Horse Statue

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    Symbol of wealth and prosperity.

    Marvel at this magnificent brass horse statue. Dressed in gold, this magnificent horse with a mane and tail of flame symbolises power and wealth.

    On its bed of gold coins, this splendid horse with its breathtaking musculature and determined appearance will fit perfectly into your interior decoration.

    His golden colouring will bring a lot of light into your home and he will look even more radiant when the sunlight hits his flanks. The windy mane gives an impression of movement and makes this statue rather sunny.

    A centrepiece in your home.

    These voluminous bases give height to these statues and create a real atmosphere in your room. These statues will stand out more easily and will bring more cachet to your decoration.

    Brass : definition and properties

    Composed essentially of copper and zinc, brass is a yellow, malleable, highly ductile, golden or silver-coloured, non-ferrous alloy. Three families of brass can be distinguished: binary brasses, made up solely of copper and zinc, the addition of zinc makes it possible to reduce the melting temperature and electrical conductivity of the brass, but to increase its mechanical strength and hardness : brasses with lead (between 1 and 3%) for better machinability and chip fragmentation : and special brasses by the addition or presence of additives such as lead (the most common), tin, nickel, chromium, magnesium, aluminium and silicon. The grades obtained have varied mechanical properties and appearance, and some have excellent resistance to wear and friction.

    Very easy to machine, both hot and cold, brass was used in Roman times to cast coins. Its use then spread massively in the late Middle Ages in Europe, in particular to replace the more expensive gold and silver, and in the production of prestigious objects. It has the advantage that it can be manufactured rather than mined.

    Today, brass is the most widely used copper alloy industrially, especially for the manufacture of turned parts in large series. The zinc composition varies between 15 and 45%. Below 35%, brass is single-phase a and has a ductility and an aptitude for cold deformation : between 35 and 45%, it is said to be two-phase a and b (intermetallic phase of increasing hardness and great brittleness). Due to the majority presence of copper, brass is sensitive to atmospheric corrosion and quickly becomes covered with a greenish-grey layer on the surface.

    The most frequently used casting process is the so-called Durville casting, which is a tilting process that allows for filling with little turbulence. Other processes exist, such as pressure casting, which is reserved for large series and allows for very low thicknesses.

    Secondly, brass can be heat treated by hot rolling, full annealing or stress relieving to optimise its physical properties.

    Brass is commonly used in jewellery, decoration, plumbing, locksmithing and ironmongery, in the manufacture of measuring and musical instruments, and in art.

    Technical characteristics :

    • Size : 23.5x21x11.5 cm
    • Weight : 1 Kg
    • Material : Resin

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